Popularity of LabVIEW programming environment is growing up. There are no alternatives for such application domain areas as:  data acquisition, signal processing, instrument control, industrial automation, etc.

Products developed in LabVIEW are usually expensive in most cases requiring high quality hardware based protection and licensing.

LabVIEW is a very specific programming environment based on block schemas completely different from traditional algorithmic approach. Integration with external components is rather tricky (especially parameters processing and passing).

We have solid experience in professional integration of hardware and/or software based protection and licensing logic into LabVIEW products for Win and OSX platforms:

  • We will help you with protection and licensing of your LabVIEW based products as well as LabVIEW add-ons.
  • Based on your business strategy and requirements we will recommend and specify the most efficient approach  to product’s protection and related licensing logic and provide cross-platform  (Win and OSX) solution in form of programming interfaces for developers and/or working prototype(s).
  • Optionally we  can step into the product development covering its protection & licensing and also other application specific functionality, including product setup…