Besides helping you with application development and/or integrating protection & licensing to your product we are happy to offer our Quality Assurance and Software Testing services:

ITDLS has its own dedicated growing team of testers performing professional testing services and QA for all projects we are working on for our customers.

For cross platform development role of professional testing is especially important becoming even critical in some cases:  Normally while working on a new build of a cross-platform project developers are able to test the functionality they are working on for the platform used for development and only in some cases briefly for more supported platforms with emulator/VM . Testers are responsible for testing software builds on all target platforms integrating required testing procedure in a smart way to the full life cycle of the product.

Target platforms: Web, Mobile, Desktop

Types of testing:

  • Functional Testing is based on your product business requirements and functional specs of its software components. Its main goal – to ensure that the software complies business requirements to the product.
  • Installation Testing is focused on product setup and configuration as well as product updates and removal.
  • Regression Testing is a type of test designed to check recent modifications made to the application or environment (bug fixing, refactoring, code merging, migration to a different platform) to confirm that pre-existing functionality works ok.
  • Usability Testing is a method of testing estimating the easiness of use, learning and understanding, friendliness and attraction of the product to its users
  • Smoke Testing (also known as Build Verification Testing or Acceptance Testing) is a short set/cycle of tests performed to confirm that modified application starts and performs the basic functionality.
  • Performance Testing is focused on application performance and may also include Stress, Load, Volume and Stability/Reliability testing. This type of testing is especially important for web applications..